Introduction to Course

Para 1

Often working without fanfare and behind the scenes, paraeducators are often the lifeline for teachers to provide the individual attention students need to unlock their potential. Through continuous daily successes, students are frequently given the opportunity to maximize their education because of the efforts of paraeducators.

This course was collectively developed by the agencies offering paraeducator certification programs in Iowa in response to the guidelines developed by the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners (BoEE). It is designed to build the competencies of people interested in becoming paraeducators in Pre-K through 12 classrooms.

The six competencies defined by the BoEE cover the vital skills needed for a paraeducator to be successful in the classroom. Clicking on the corresponding tab in the header above provides access to each competency. Each competency has objectives, lessons, activities, assessments and requirements provided. There is an additional tab, which includes information about certification requirements and program options.

This course is designed to provide giudelines and resources to adjunct instructors to assist in successful outcomes in the classroom.