Renewable Energy Technology is the wave of the future, and Iowa Western's new certificate program will enable you to get on board with this expanding career field. This certificate program is designed to provide the basic skills and knowledge needed for entry-level jobs in the manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of wind turbines and solar energy systems, in just one semester.

Mechanical Power Transmission is designed to give students an overview of the terminology, theory of operation, and specific devices involved in the movement of energy. Belts, chains, gears, shafts, hydraulics, and pneumatics will be examined. Emphasis will be on systems used in wind energy.

Electricity I introduces the basics of AC and DC electricity, motors, generators, the use of test equipment, and circuit diagrams. Students will develop an understanding of the characteristics of voltage, current, resistance, power, and the laws governing the relationships between them. Students will use this understanding to develop troubleshooting skills. 

Renewable Energy Workplace Safety provides a framework for students to develop a thorough understanding of safety requirements in the renewable energy workplace, the reason for these requirements, and how to determine if individuals and facilities are meeting those requirements. Emphasis is placed on requirements unique to renewable energy worksites.

Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers gives students experience with programmable devices commonly used in the wind energy industry. Students will study the theory of PLC operation and use their understanding to create and troubleshoot programs.

Introduction to Renewable Energy provides students with a survey of the wind, solar and alternative fuel industries. Students study the development, construction, and operation of wind farms, solar farms and alternative fuels systems.